Mitsui outlet park shiga ryuo

Outlet information

This full-scale, extensive outlet mall in the Kyoto-Shiga area is expanding in July 2013. The mall now boasts 237 stores, making it one of the largest in the Kinki region.
Adjacent to the Ryuo Interchange on the Meishin Expressway, the major artery of the Kansai area, the mall is easily accessible from not only the Kinki region, but also the Tokai and Hokuriku areas. In addition to brands that are opening stores for the first time in Japan or the Kinki region, the mall also features a wide variety of stores from luxury brands to import and casual brands, boutiques, sporting and general goods, as well as much more.Mitsui Outlet Park Shiga Ryuo also offers gifts and gourmet food that are a culmination of things “uniquely Kansai.”By using its location in a rich, natural environment, Mitsui Outlet Park Shiga Ryuo offers visitors a resort-like shopping experience.

Stores: 237
Restaurants: Unknown, check website
Contact Information
Phone: 0748-58-5031
Visiting information & Opening hours
Opening hours:

Mon - Sun: 10 AM - 8PM

1178-694 Oaza Kuzushi Aza Sunayama, Ryuo-cho, Gamou-gun, Shiga-Prefecture, Japan