Mitsui outlet park marine pia kobe

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Kobe’s authentic outlet mall. Closely overlooking the “Akashi Kaikyo Bridge”, which connects Honshu Island with Shikoku, and as of October, 2010 is the longest suspension bridge in the world (1,991 m).

A facility that lets you enjoy an open ambiance where you can sense the proximity of the ocean while shopping and dining at approximately 130 shops,

Based on the concept of a “breezy South European port town”, it consists of four factory outlets and one restaurant complex with a hotel and church motif.
At approximately 130 shops, you will find select shops that are popular in Japan as well as many shops that offer Japanese goods.
A wide range of fashionable goods such as bags and shoes are available.
You will find a restaurant lineup that lets you sample cuisines of the world such starting with sushi bars which are so popular among international tourists, but also Japanese, Italian, Chinese and Indian foods.

Stores: 130
Restaurants: Unknown, check website
Contact Information
Phone: 078-709-4466
Visiting information & Opening hours
Opening hours:

Mon - Sun: 10 AM - 8PM

12-2 Kaigan Dori, Tarumi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo-Prefecture, Japan